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A romantic session In the woods

A romantic session in the woods.

I wanted to plan a romantic session for a couple who have their wedding coming up very soon. How about a little pre-wedding portrait session in the woods of Mundaring? Yes, that’s right! It’s not all bush, there are some woods in Mundaring too. The perfect place for this romantic session to be held.

We found a nice little pine plantation tucked away in the Perth Hills. The plantation became the exact type of location for Neil and Courtneys pre-wedding photographs.



Our first meeting

Neil and I first met quite a few years ago. He and his brother and sister along with the family dog had photographs with our studio. Together they had some portraits taken along the swan river for as a surprise birthday gift for their mother. The 3 sibling got on so well, and their dog provided some extra fun and laughter. Needless to say, their Mum made compliments that the gift was very thoughtful and beautiful.

The engagement party

Fast forward a few years. Neil makes contact with me again with the news that he is engaged to the fabulous Courtney. He invites me to photograph their engagement party held at the Guildford Rose and Crown.

While at the party I noticed a few familiar faces. I meet Neil’s brother and sister once again. Other faces at the party also look very familiar to me. Courtney’s Father and Brother seem very recognisable too.

A few conversations later, a connection is made. Both of them work at our local swimming hole, Bilgoman swimming pool. Earlier in the week, in fact, my children had swimming lessons at the pool. After the swimming lesson, while the kids played, these were the two gentlemen who looked after them very well.

The engagement party of Neil and Courtney was a huge success. Quickly they continued to plan their upcoming Wedding day. My next job is photographing their pre-wedding portraits or love bird session. Time certainly flew.  A summer kayaking accident I had made a minor delay to their booking. Their pre-wedding portrait photo shoot was pushed back to late summer.

The perfect light

The light this afternoon for the romantic session was sensational. The little cosy spot tucked away in the woods was perfect for a romantic session.

Finding the right light is the key to making good portraits. Perth weather offers very little cloud filter from the sun’s powerful rays. Choosing a time when the light is less harsh will give the best results. Light for portrait sessions that is less harsh can be formed and shaped for the desired effect.

The colour scheme chosen by Neil and Courtney worked well with the mood of the pine forest. With the light delightful, our session continued until the sun had finally gone down on this magical day.

The Pre-Wedding portrait process

Pre-wedding portraits are such an important part of the wedding booking process. Bridal couples begin understanding what the Wedding day will feel like. This comes without the pressures of crowds and time constraints.

Each couple has an opportunity to spend some quality time together. For many couples, this is the first time they are photographed together professionally.

Our photographic journey together begins too. Our next booking together will be their wedding, followed by the first baby photographs and sooner or later a full family portrait is on the cards

Wedding day Looming

Keep an eye out for this coming Octobers wedding. Neil and Courtney have a beautiful wedding day planned in the Perth Hills.

kiss from a romantic session

Neil romantically kisses Courtneys hand

A romantic session on a perth hills trail

romantic stroll on the perth hills trail

Keep an eye on this wonderful couple and their soon to be Wedding.

Funeral of Reihana Paki – A family man of God

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Every now and then a special someone comes into your life, and sometimes special someone also departs our life. Death is a part of the cycle of life, though it is not a comfortable time, it is something that is required for us to fulfil our journey of mortality. I was once comforted by the concept that people only leave us when we don’t know where they are going. I have a firm hope that although we can’t remember this place, we do know where people go after death. I have for a long time had involvement in Maori culture. Growing up many of my friends exposed me to this and through my wife I still have learning experiences in this culture. One of the ways of this people, which fascinates is the way they tackle this tragedy of losing a loved one to death.

I recently photographed the Maori funeral and Tangi of a very good man who I had know and respected very much over the years. I was friends with his children too. Our association was initially through our membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints, where our belief in life after death is strong. This man was a strong warrior for his family, culture and faith and he understood clearly hour to combine his love and dedication for all. The fruits of his and his kind wife’s labours, were his beautiful children and amazing grandchildren. I had the pleasure of being involved with all of them in some way or another and I still continue my friendship with them even to this day. I have served a proselyting mission with one, photographed a few of there weddings and have taking a family portrait for the family in the past. And of course played numerous basketball games, cards, surfing and religious and culture activities over the years.

Naturally when I was asked to photograph the proceedings of the day for the family, I was honoured to do so. I had a rich family with the family and a deep respect for this great man. Photographing a funeral and tangi is no easy task. Even with my understanding of the afterlife and the purpose of mortality, it is still an emotional and tragic day.

As I capture the events of the day, I notice many things. I hear the words that are spoken. I hear the tributes and I hear the doctrines being taught and the testimonies being shared. I also witness the family in mourning and I am touched at the way they come together to uplift and strengthen each other and remind each other of the beautiful reunion that will one day come as they remember the great goodness of those loved ones that have gone before them. This beautiful family touched me this day as they farewelled this great man. I couldn’t help but share a tear with their sorrow, but felt peace in the hope and faith. I felt strength as they comforted and supported each other and my faith was strengthened. I have pieced together a series of images for the family from the day. these special images helped me remember the greatness of this family unit, which is the legacy this great man left behind._12A0003 _12A0061 _12A0080 _12A0094 _12A0111 _12A0114 _12A0119 _12A0122 _12A0212 _12A0227 _12A0273 _12A0286 _12A0299 _12A0314 _12A0323 _12A0329 _12A0357 _12A0362 _12A0374 _12A0383 _12A0386 _12A0388 _12A0399 _12A0427 _12A0432 _12A9768 _12A9784 _12A9792 _12A9876 _12A9878 _12A9896 _12A9899 _12A9944 _12A9956 _12A9977 _12A9999

Family Christmas 2015

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Don’t you just love Christmas. Its a great time to be together with family and share some good fun and create some wonderful memories. Of course there is a greater meaning and spirit to Christmas day, and as a family we take a little bit of time away from opening presents and filling up on food and goodies.

In our family we take a bit of time to go through the Christmas story and reflect on our feelings before we begin seeing what Santa has placed under the Christmas tree. Of course it is a joy to watch our children, with excitement opening their presents, and it such a blessing to see them interact and play with their Cousins, Aunties and Uncles and Grandparents.

Christmas day goes by in such flash and it then the 365 day cycle builds up again. I hope we take more than one day to enjoy our family and reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. Here is a few photographs from our  Christmas day celebrations including the annual rushed Desmond family portrait._12A6086 _12A6090 _12A6091 _12A6092 _12A6094 _12A6099 _12A6102 _12A6104 _12A6106 _12A6107 _12A6109 _12A6111 _12A6114 _12A6120 _12A6123 _12A6133 _12A6135 _12A6143 _12A6149 _12A6152 _12A6162 _12A6166 _12A6171 _12A6173 _12A6186 _12A6189 _12A6193 _12A6194 _12A6195 _12A6198 _12A6200 _12A6208 _12A6209 _12A6210 _12A6214 _12A6218 _12A6220 _12A6223 _12A6234 _12A6237 _12A6238 _12A6239 _12A6241 _12A6242 _12A6245 _12A6247 _12A6249 _12A6253 _12A6259 _12A6263 _12A6270 _12A6274 _12A6277 _12A6281 _12A6286 _12A6288 _12A6289 _12A6297 _12A6302 _12A6307 _12A6324 _12A6330 _12A6331 _12A6333 _12A6334 _12A6337 _12A6340 _12A6343 _12A6347 _12A6348 _12A6353 _12A6359 _12A6362 _12A6364 _12A6377 _12A6382 _12A6388 _12A6396 _12A6399 _12A6405 _12A6407 _12A6411 _12A6414 _12A6417 _12A6418 _12A6425 _12A6429 _12A6430 _12A6431 _12A6434

Family camping in Busselton

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_12A6644 _12A6646 _12A6648 _12A6653 _12A6661 _12A6664 _12A6683 _12A6700 _12A6714 _12A6716 _12A6718 _12A6726 _12A6768 _12A6775 _12A6802 _12A6824 _12A6830 _12A6833 _12A6862 _12A6891 _12A6894 _12A6905 _12A6907 _12A6916 _12A6923 _12A6928 _12A6930 _12A6978 _12A7028 _12A7058 _12A7109 _12A7163 _12A7266 _12A7370 _12A7814 _12A7821 _12A7834 _12A7843 _12A7866 _12A7930 _12A7937 _12A7962 _12A7973 _12A7991 _12A8009 _12A8030 _12A8051 _12A8061 _12A8064 _12A8072 _12A8081 _12A8085 _12A8092 _12A8107 _12A8111 _12A8135 _12A8139 _12A8153 _12A8160 _12A8166 _12A8173 _12A8175 _12A8192 _12A8207 _12A8213 _12A8287 _12A8297 _12A8323 _12A8338 _12A8357 _12A8386 _12A8409 _12A8461Its about that time of year that I take a well deserved break. Well I think I deserve the break anyway. Not only has a massive Photography season been completed for the year, there has been all the windups from the kids school and of course the Christmas season has been upon us.

This year between Christmas and New Years my immediate family and their children congregated together in the South West for a magical week of camping in Siesta Park halfway between Busselton and Dunsborough. And I do mean magical. The weather and company was fabulous and we couldn’t have asked for a better week away. It probably all didn’t go to plan, however we all made a go of it and enjoyed the the summer rays, the cool nights, the sparkling crystal water and some pretty sensation cuisine.

Here is the first glimpse from our big holiday together. Can’t wait for next years camp.


magic wedding moments

Magic wedding moments from every bride and groom

One of the highlights for me personally during my career as a Wedding Photographer is sharing the wonderful occasions and all the magic wedding moments as a Bride and Groom begin officially their union together with their wedding day celebration.

Storytelling with a lens – Its something that I do not take lightly. I see myself as a storyteller, using images to illustrate and tell your story, like piecing together a puzzle, piece by piece.With each new Wedding brings a unique and amazing new experience. This is the main reason I continue to shoot Weddings each week. Of course the challenge is great, and the workload huge, but the experience we share with so many Brides and Grooms is just so wonderful.

The Standard photographs – Each new Wedding I look for the standard set of images, Mum admiring her Bride daughter, or Dad walking his daughter down the isle proudly just to name a few.

On each and every Wedding day comes a wonderful magic, a joy and peace, love and harmony and sometimes tears. We can never in words explain what happens before the event has taken place, but we guarantee that when the day is done, the words have been spoken, the tears have been wiped away and the smiles have stopped, we will have a memorable set of images that will touch your soul.

The magic wedding moment journey – I want to take you on this journey, so you can feel some of these magic wedding moments.Here is a the start of a series of memorable and amazing magic wedding moments we have seen through our lens at the different Weddings we have photographed. Each has a story behind it, each image captured a piece of something amazing and we are happy to tell that story.

magic wedding moments

These ladies are best friends, helping each other through the trials of life for many years. When one sees a need to help the other they drop everything to do so. This photograph was captured as the Bride nervously prepared herself for her big day. There was much to worry about, weather, the kids and of course new beginnings.

Amongst the chaos, her friend saw the need to fix a little spilt in her dress, the bride seeing the selfless act and knowing her friend hadn’t finished her hair began pulling the rollers out of her hair. Their determination, teamwork and laughs showed the true meaning of eternal friends and what one does for those they care about.