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Binar holds off Latter day saint team in Basketball fixture

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Last Saturday a couple of rep teams from Binar played a game against members from a local Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints congregation in what hopes to become an annual fixture in the calendar. A few of the Greenmount saints team dusted off the boots from their playing days to tackle these young slick stars of the future. There were 2 main games played with Binar winning the 1st game. The main game was a pulsating clash with several lead changes and great intensity played right through until the end. Binar lead by 3 with 11 seconds to go in the game, when the Congregational leader Bishop Armitage dropped a huge 3 pointer to tie the game up. Some desperate defence then stopped the Binar boys from making a last second winning basket. The spectacle played in front of a huge crowd seemed too good to settle as a tie, and so it was decided that 3 minutes overtime woud be played. The Young Binar boys lifted the intensity at both ends of the court and even though baskets were traded at both ends, the young men were able to come up with some solid stops and control the ball with composure to win by 2 points. A great effort by all who participated and helped organise and run this fantastic event. The main game was followed by some round robin competitions, a kids game and BBQ. Bishop Armitage praised the young team on their high quality skills and excellent level of sportsmanship. He said ” Its great to see the next generation of young leaders from our community rising to the challenges on and off the basketball court. We will continue to support and encourage these boys to make a difference in our community in all that they do…….It would appear we also need to sharpen our skills up before the next match against them.” A further match will be scheduled possibly later in the year when the boys have completed SBL and WABL commitments. More pics and other results to follow._12A3034 _12A3031 _12A3017 _12A3016 _12A3004 _12A3003 _12A2999 _12A2993 _12A2991 _12A2982 _12A2981 _12A2978 _12A2977 _12A2963 _12A2956 _12A2954 _12A2950 _12A2946 _12A2934 _12A2922 _12A2919 _12A2912 _12A2906 _12A2901 _12A2893 _12A2892 _12A2891 _12A2889 _12A2885 _12A2884 _12A2877 _12A2873 _12A2856 _12A2855 _12A2852 _12A2850 _12A2847 _12A2845 _12A2844 _12A2842 _12A2839 _12A2835 _12A2830 _12A2829 _12A2826 _12A2821 _12A2819 _12A2810 _12A2807 _12A2805 _12A2801 _12A2793 _12A2791 _12A2786 _12A2785 _12A2783 _12A2778 _12A2776 _12A2773 _12A2772 _12A2770

Australia day Lifestyle

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Australia day this year was spent with some friends on their lifestyle property in the Swan Valley. Its not just a beautiful place but also a fun place to hang out. It also happens to be right next door to another horse property owner who had me do some family lifestyle portraits for them a few years back. That particular photo shoot was quite fun and included some portraits of the kids doing jumps on their horses, playing on their tree rope and mucking around with their dogs.


Today was a bit of fun for everyone. We had a wonderful BBQ even with some Kangaroo cooked up and then the play fun began. Of course I had to get the Drone out and film some footage of the things we got up to. The kids and everyone else who did not have a popped eardrum (From my dive off the diving board at Bilgoman) splashed around in the pool to cool off from the 36 degree heat, while some of the adventurous prepared the horses and began riding. And of course boys will be boys and the Quad also got launched with some seriously flicks of gravel. Of course it wasn’t just the boys. The ladies and the kids showed plenty of spirit when flying around the paddock too. All in all it was a wonderful day and we even got a last dessert treat to finish it all off (YUMMO). I love the Australia day lifestyle. I love living in a safe and well off country. I love the old cultures and I love the new cultures becoming part of Australian culture. I’m glad that I could spend an Australia day with a bunch of friends from all different cultural backgrounds and have a lot of fun. And get some nice photographs of us doing so._12A2672_1 _12A2668_1 _12A2664_1 _12A2647_1 _12A2646_1 _12A2644_1 _12A2637_1 _12A2631_1_2 _12A2629_1 _12A2626_1 _12A2625_1 _12A2623_1 _12A2618_1 _12A2615_1 _12A2608_1 _12A2604_1 _12A2599_1 _12A2595_1 _12A2592_1 _12A2588_1 _12A2586_1 _12A2585_1 _12A2583_1 _12A2581_1 _12A2579_1 _12A2575_1 _12A2572_1 _12A2567_1 _12A2561_1 _12A2559_1 _12A2558_1 _12A2557_1 _12A2544_1 _12A2541_1 _12A2533_1 _12A2528_1 _12A2525_1 _12A2517_1 _12A2516_1 _12A2515_1 _12A2510_1 _12A2508_1 _12A2503_1 _12A2501_1 _12A2495_1 _12A2490_1 _12A2489_1 _12A2487_1 _12A2482_1 _12A2479_1 _12A2478_1 _12A2474_1 _12A2473_1 _12A2470_1 _12A2469_1 _12A2467_1 _12A2464_1 _12A2462_1 _12A2458_1 _12A2455_1 _12A2450_1 _12A2448_1 _12A2443_1 _12A2441_1 _12A2434_1 _12A2433_1 _12A2432_1 _12A2430_1 _12A2429_1 _12A2427_1 _12A2426_1 _12A2424_1 _12A2419_1 _12A2417_1 _12A2415_1 _12A2410_1 _12A2406_1 _12A2399_1 _12A2397_1 _12A2392_1 _12A2383_1 _12A2381_1 _12A2378_1 _12A2371_1 _12A2370_1 _12A2368_1 _12A2367_1 _12A2364_1 _12A2362_1 _12A2358_1 _12A2356_1 _12A2352_1 _12A2346_1 _12A2336_1 _12A2329_1 _12A2316_1 _12A2313_1 _12A2312_1 _12A2307_1 _12A2298_1 _12A2294_1 _12A2293_1 _12A2290_1 _12A2289_1 _12A2282_1_2 _12A2279_1 _12A2277_1 _12A2276_1 _12A2273_1 _12A2268_1 _12A2260_1 _12A2257_1 _12A2253_1 _12A2251_1 _12A2249_1 _12A2248_1 _12A2246_1 _12A2242_1 _12A2240_1 _12A2236_1 _12A2229_1 _12A2227_1 _12A2226_1 _12A2221_1 _12A2219_1 _12A2214_1 _12A2212_1 _12A2210_1 _12A2209_1 _12A2205_1 _12A2196_1 _12A2194_1 _12A2192_1 _12A2189_1 _12A2186_1 _12A2174_1 _12A2171_1 _12A2158_1 _12A2153_1 _12A2149_1 _12A2147_1 _12A2146_1 _12A2144_1 _12A2142_1 _12A2137_1 _12A2133_1 _12A2129_1 _12A2123_1 _12A2117_1 _12A2112_1 _12A2110_1 _12A2105_1 _12A2104_1 _12A2102_1 _12A2100_1 _12A2090_1 _12A2079_1 _12A2543_2 _12A2497_2 _12A2631_2 _12A2282_2 _12A2672 _12A2668 _12A2664 _12A2647 _12A2646 _12A2644 _12A2637 _12A2631_1_1 _12A2629 _12A2626 _12A2625 _12A2623 _12A2618 _12A2615 _12A2608 _12A2604 _12A2599 _12A2595 _12A2592 _12A2588 _12A2586 _12A2585 _12A2583 _12A2581 _12A2579 _12A2575 _12A2572 _12A2567 _12A2561 _12A2559 _12A2558 _12A2557 _12A2544 _12A2541 _12A2533 _12A2528 _12A2525 _12A2517 _12A2516 _12A2515 _12A2510 _12A2508 _12A2503 _12A2501 _12A2495 _12A2490 _12A2489 _12A2487 _12A2482 _12A2479 _12A2478 _12A2474 _12A2473 _12A2470 _12A2469 _12A2467 _12A2464 _12A2462 _12A2458 _12A2455 _12A2450 _12A2448 _12A2443 _12A2441 _12A2434 _12A2433 _12A2432 _12A2430 _12A2429 _12A2427 _12A2426 _12A2424 _12A2419 _12A2417 _12A2415 _12A2410 _12A2406 _12A2399 _12A2397 _12A2392 _12A2383 _12A2381 _12A2378 _12A2371 _12A2370 _12A2368 _12A2367 _12A2364 _12A2362 _12A2358 _12A2356 _12A2352 _12A2346 _12A2336 _12A2329 _12A2316 _12A2313 _12A2312 _12A2307 _12A2298 _12A2294 _12A2293 _12A2290 _12A2289 _12A2282_1_1 _12A2279 _12A2277 _12A2276 _12A2273 _12A2268 _12A2260 _12A2257 _12A2253 _12A2251 _12A2249 _12A2248 _12A2246 _12A2242 _12A2240 _12A2236 _12A2229 _12A2227 _12A2226 _12A2221 _12A2219 _12A2214 _12A2212 _12A2210 _12A2209 _12A2205 _12A2196 _12A2194 _12A2192 _12A2189 _12A2186 _12A2174 _12A2171 _12A2158 _12A2153 _12A2149 _12A2147 _12A2146 _12A2144 _12A2142 _12A2137 _12A2133 _12A2129 _12A2123 _12A2117 _12A2112 _12A2110 _12A2105 _12A2104 _12A2102 _12A2100 _12A2090 _12A2079 _12A2543_1 _12A2497_1 _12A2631_1 _12A2282_1 _12A2543 _12A2497 _12A2631 _12A2282

Three little Gems

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So as the School holidays come to an end and I reflect on the wonderful memories that we have created. I just don’t want it to end… I must love the school holidays more than the kids. That must mean I am still a kids at heart ( and in mind). But I really have loved doing lots of different things with these 3 little gems and these gems mother. I have snapped off many photographs from our adventures and have so many stories to tell, yet the time just slips away so fast and I barely get to post any of my family photographs. While doing a family portrait last week, and talking with this particular family about all the fun adventures they were having over their holiday break, I challenged myself to start by posting some of my family photographic treasures and then follow up with some stories. After all being a professional photographer does put in me in the best seat in the house to take beautiful portraits of my own children. Well here is three little gems of mine, just being themselves. Hopefully you can see the inner happiness and the joy they have spending time together as a family. Hope these holidays never end!!!!_12A0165 _12A1075 _12A9931

Family Christmas 2015

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Don’t you just love Christmas. Its a great time to be together with family and share some good fun and create some wonderful memories. Of course there is a greater meaning and spirit to Christmas day, and as a family we take a little bit of time away from opening presents and filling up on food and goodies.

In our family we take a bit of time to go through the Christmas story and reflect on our feelings before we begin seeing what Santa has placed under the Christmas tree. Of course it is a joy to watch our children, with excitement opening their presents, and it such a blessing to see them interact and play with their Cousins, Aunties and Uncles and Grandparents.

Christmas day goes by in such flash and it then the 365 day cycle builds up again. I hope we take more than one day to enjoy our family and reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. Here is a few photographs from our  Christmas day celebrations including the annual rushed Desmond family portrait._12A6086 _12A6090 _12A6091 _12A6092 _12A6094 _12A6099 _12A6102 _12A6104 _12A6106 _12A6107 _12A6109 _12A6111 _12A6114 _12A6120 _12A6123 _12A6133 _12A6135 _12A6143 _12A6149 _12A6152 _12A6162 _12A6166 _12A6171 _12A6173 _12A6186 _12A6189 _12A6193 _12A6194 _12A6195 _12A6198 _12A6200 _12A6208 _12A6209 _12A6210 _12A6214 _12A6218 _12A6220 _12A6223 _12A6234 _12A6237 _12A6238 _12A6239 _12A6241 _12A6242 _12A6245 _12A6247 _12A6249 _12A6253 _12A6259 _12A6263 _12A6270 _12A6274 _12A6277 _12A6281 _12A6286 _12A6288 _12A6289 _12A6297 _12A6302 _12A6307 _12A6324 _12A6330 _12A6331 _12A6333 _12A6334 _12A6337 _12A6340 _12A6343 _12A6347 _12A6348 _12A6353 _12A6359 _12A6362 _12A6364 _12A6377 _12A6382 _12A6388 _12A6396 _12A6399 _12A6405 _12A6407 _12A6411 _12A6414 _12A6417 _12A6418 _12A6425 _12A6429 _12A6430 _12A6431 _12A6434

Family camping in Busselton

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_12A6644 _12A6646 _12A6648 _12A6653 _12A6661 _12A6664 _12A6683 _12A6700 _12A6714 _12A6716 _12A6718 _12A6726 _12A6768 _12A6775 _12A6802 _12A6824 _12A6830 _12A6833 _12A6862 _12A6891 _12A6894 _12A6905 _12A6907 _12A6916 _12A6923 _12A6928 _12A6930 _12A6978 _12A7028 _12A7058 _12A7109 _12A7163 _12A7266 _12A7370 _12A7814 _12A7821 _12A7834 _12A7843 _12A7866 _12A7930 _12A7937 _12A7962 _12A7973 _12A7991 _12A8009 _12A8030 _12A8051 _12A8061 _12A8064 _12A8072 _12A8081 _12A8085 _12A8092 _12A8107 _12A8111 _12A8135 _12A8139 _12A8153 _12A8160 _12A8166 _12A8173 _12A8175 _12A8192 _12A8207 _12A8213 _12A8287 _12A8297 _12A8323 _12A8338 _12A8357 _12A8386 _12A8409 _12A8461Its about that time of year that I take a well deserved break. Well I think I deserve the break anyway. Not only has a massive Photography season been completed for the year, there has been all the windups from the kids school and of course the Christmas season has been upon us.

This year between Christmas and New Years my immediate family and their children congregated together in the South West for a magical week of camping in Siesta Park halfway between Busselton and Dunsborough. And I do mean magical. The weather and company was fabulous and we couldn’t have asked for a better week away. It probably all didn’t go to plan, however we all made a go of it and enjoyed the the summer rays, the cool nights, the sparkling crystal water and some pretty sensation cuisine.

Here is the first glimpse from our big holiday together. Can’t wait for next years camp.


Birthday girl

My Birthday girl reminds me that families are forever.

I heard some tragic news late last night after I had finished judging a camera club competition. The baby of a friend and previous wedding client had passed away after a very short life. I send my warmest regards to the grieving mother and she sent back to me a beautiful and insightful message. She encouraged me to ‘hold my babies tight” and showed amazing bravery in talking about the peace she would have with her the rest of her life from the small moments her son had been with her.

A parents special role

It made me ponder the special and beautiful role I have as a parent to 3 amazing children, and the sacred responsibility I have in raising them and seeing them become an asset to their owns families in years to come and the community they live in.

Eager to enter the world.

Today is a very special girls birthday. Yes, today is my only daughters 8th Birthday and it has been a long way coming. I think she has been 8 for about 5 or 6 years now. I vividly remember the day she was born, especially because this young lady was in a hurry from the outset. We raced to the hospital and barely had time to get the camera out let alone park the car. In the panic I drove into the wrong hospital and eventually parked in a doctors reserved car park. 15 minutes later we were blessed with our second beautiful child.

Birthday girl

Her 1st precious moments of life


Since then it has been a roller coaster ride and a half, with many wonderful and amazing memories. This young princess of ours is hilarious. She has an amazing personality and is fun and adventurous.

Her own comedy show.

Many times she has brought us to tear from laughing so hard. I love her extroverted approach on life. Times like while travelling in Kununurra and staying at a caravan park and I would take all the kids into the toilets to have showers before our day’s activities. Kembry would run up to one of the used cubicles, look underneath and start a conversation with the very embarrassed person using the toilet.

Protective Mother Hen.

She is also very kind and always thinking of everyone especially her brothers. She is a protective mother hen of her little brother, carrying him like he is her own son. And we love the playful games and activities she plays with her handsome older brother. I just love the way they cackle and laugh together so much. It has been a pleasure to travel with them on family and work trips.

So many beautiful memories and even some challenges ( I’m sure when she is a teenager there will be some more too). But today I just want to take some time out to remember my birthday girl and how wonderful families are.

Birthday girl

Our favourite Birthday Girl



The good in closing remote communities?

The good in closing remote communities?

What good is there in the West Australian government closing remote communities? Absolutely none!! Closing remote communities is wrong.

What I have come to believe, through my experiences, as a professional travel photographer is that culture is important and difference is ok. My journey through remote communities in outback Australia is no exception.

Photography in remote communities

I’ve got to admit, I have witnessed some wonderful things. I love photography, and I love documenting events and occasions. My lens and camera sensor are the tools that allow me to document and illustrate people’s life stories.

For the most part my camera is used to photograph couples getting married or families having portraits taken for their family history. But often I find myself telling the story of everyday people and their every day life.


Remote communities

Turtle hunters search for food in remote communites



Protesting the foreclosure

In light of this week’s protests against the foreclosure of remote communities, I have decided to share a series of experiences that have led me to personally believe that this is a terrible mistake.

I want to share more of my stories and experiences from my time living in remote communities. I was fortunate enough to document with my camera the lifestyles of these amazing people and this amazing culture that we are still privileged to see living here in Australia.

Photography Exhibition

The photographs I was able to produce from this exploration were exhibited as a body of work at the Australian Professional Photography awards. The reception for the exhibited portfolio was overwhelming. The series of images and photographs were judged and awarded national runner-up photographic album of the year.

Remote communities

Closing remote communities destroys the oldest living culture


Living off the land

For 9 weeks we lived in one of these remote communities in Arnhem Land Northern Territory, which is very similar to the remote communities being closed in Western Australia . Ramingining is about 8 hours from Darwin.

This was a rich and memorable experience for our family, one that we will treasure for many years to come. For me personally it was exposure to the oldest living culture.

My family and I arrived in this remote community with many life experiences. We had previously travelled to countries all over the world and had spent 7 months exploring outback Australia, living in our camper trailer.

Nothing could prepare us for the once in a lifetime experience of living with Yolngu people in East Arnhem Land.

Although we came as complete strangers to this community we were warmly welcomed. The first thing we noticed is that things were different. Remote communities operate completely differently from the mainstream living conditions we had ever lived in or visited.

Was this a bad thing? NO, certainly not! And yes, there were things that we were not prepared for at all.

Remote communities

Families living on remote communities have much to teach modern culture about resourcefulness and hard work


Cultural differences

My personal curiosity really set in and I became determined to discover more about this land and the people that dwelt here. One of the first things we noticed is that our languages were different. However, rather than me making efforts to communicate in their language while in their land, the people graciously made efforts to speak to me in English.

From this point on I made an effort to try to learn some of the basics of their language, and I wanted to experience living the way they did. Of course, I know I wouldn’t be able to fully accomplish this during my short stay, but I wanted to make an authentic and genuine effort towards it.

The more effort I made, the more receptive the people became to me. They were already so happy, friendly and kind, but now they viewed this as an effort to educate me on their culture and their way of living.

Nothing wasted, Nothing taken for granted.

Within the first few days I gained an appreciation for their culture and lifestyle. Here, I discovered a community that were truly grateful for every breath of life they had. Nothing was taken for granted.

Just like my city suburban community, there were problems, some similar and some different. But what was completely different was the people of these remote communities live for life, they all contributed in some way to their family, people and community. They were resourceful and showed gratitude. Gratitude for their land, for their food and for life in general.

Another stolen generation

Why is this radical step being taken in this day and age and with all these years of disastrous failed policies as evidence? What good do we think we are doing for these people in the remote communities? What other problems are we going to open ourselves up for in the future when hindsight proves these policies to be a failure again?

After all, isn’t it owed to the people of these remote communities that they can abide in their original lands according to their tradition, as their forefathers have?

If we refuse to call it an invasion over 200 years ago, what do we call this now?

One thing is for sure, I know that the people making these decisions have never set foot in these remote communities personally. And if they have, their eyes were blindfolded so they have yet to experience the rich and rewarding experience that can await them. No one who has experienced this would ever dream of closing these communities down.

Basketball is a tough sport

Basketball is a tough sport, and I’m glad to be involved in coaching and developing kids sport. Today I coached my son and his friends school basketball team in a big tournament.

It was nice to take off my professional photographer hat and work with some wonderful young sporting talents. The final of this basketball tournament was played with 3 of our Binar Sports kids representing their schools in a tough and epic battle. (4 Binar sports kids in the Championship grade won their team MVP awards

In the earlier games between these team mates two tight draws had been completed. It all came down to the Grand final and in front of a monsterous crowd these kids put on a epic show.

By full time the scores were again drawn and so the match went into overtime. With the pressure on and with barely anytime to go on the game clock and with scores still level, a sickening and accidental head clash between two rival players (who are friends and team mates outside of school) took place.

The result was a couple of sore heads and for one player a quick trip to the hospital. I’m sure their friendship will always stay the same, and what a great show of sportsmanship form all players, coaches, staff and students involved

The incident came at a critical time with this young key player (My son) having to drop out of the action while his team mates narrowly lost in overtime.

In the end everyone is ok and after a couple of days swelling and a couple of black eyes, this little champion should be back in the thick of things.

Cumorams egg head Cumorams egg head2

Children’s parties: The wonderful joy of

Children’s parties:

Children’s parties are certainly very special. One of the wonderful parts of children’s lives is the joy of attending their friends Birthday parties. On a warm sunny afternoon, our kids were involved in 3 parties. One of the children’s parties I was lucky enough to take out my camera and take some photographs. Yes even when I am not taking my camera out as a professional photographer I still get it out as photographer Dad. Luckily it was our day off and we had some energy to race in between the 3 parties.

Children's parties

Children’s parties at Whitemans park – a magic time


In the afternoon the kids went to a friend from schools celebration at Whitemans park. This a great location anytime of year and especially for a party,

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