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A romantic session In the woods

A romantic session in the woods.

I wanted to plan a romantic session for a couple who have their wedding coming up very soon. How about a little pre-wedding portrait session in the woods of Mundaring? Yes, that’s right! It’s not all bush, there are some woods in Mundaring too. The perfect place for this romantic session to be held.

We found a nice little pine plantation tucked away in the Perth Hills. The plantation became the exact type of location for Neil and Courtneys pre-wedding photographs.



Our first meeting

Neil and I first met quite a few years ago. He and his brother and sister along with the family dog had photographs with our studio. Together they had some portraits taken along the swan river for as a surprise birthday gift for their mother. The 3 sibling got on so well, and their dog provided some extra fun and laughter. Needless to say, their Mum made compliments that the gift was very thoughtful and beautiful.

The engagement party

Fast forward a few years. Neil makes contact with me again with the news that he is engaged to the fabulous Courtney. He invites me to photograph their engagement party held at the Guildford Rose and Crown.

While at the party I noticed a few familiar faces. I meet Neil’s brother and sister once again. Other faces at the party also look very familiar to me. Courtney’s Father and Brother seem very recognisable too.

A few conversations later, a connection is made. Both of them work at our local swimming hole, Bilgoman swimming pool. Earlier in the week, in fact, my children had swimming lessons at the pool. After the swimming lesson, while the kids played, these were the two gentlemen who looked after them very well.

The engagement party of Neil and Courtney was a huge success. Quickly they continued to plan their upcoming Wedding day. My next job is photographing their pre-wedding portraits or love bird session. Time certainly flew.  A summer kayaking accident I had made a minor delay to their booking. Their pre-wedding portrait photo shoot was pushed back to late summer.

The perfect light

The light this afternoon for the romantic session was sensational. The little cosy spot tucked away in the woods was perfect for a romantic session.

Finding the right light is the key to making good portraits. Perth weather offers very little cloud filter from the sun’s powerful rays. Choosing a time when the light is less harsh will give the best results. Light for portrait sessions that is less harsh can be formed and shaped for the desired effect.

The colour scheme chosen by Neil and Courtney worked well with the mood of the pine forest. With the light delightful, our session continued until the sun had finally gone down on this magical day.

The Pre-Wedding portrait process

Pre-wedding portraits are such an important part of the wedding booking process. Bridal couples begin understanding what the Wedding day will feel like. This comes without the pressures of crowds and time constraints.

Each couple has an opportunity to spend some quality time together. For many couples, this is the first time they are photographed together professionally.

Our photographic journey together begins too. Our next booking together will be their wedding, followed by the first baby photographs and sooner or later a full family portrait is on the cards

Wedding day Looming

Keep an eye out for this coming Octobers wedding. Neil and Courtney have a beautiful wedding day planned in the Perth Hills.

kiss from a romantic session

Neil romantically kisses Courtneys hand

A romantic session on a perth hills trail

romantic stroll on the perth hills trail

Keep an eye on this wonderful couple and their soon to be Wedding.

James & Sumi’s swan valley portraits

Swan Valley portraits for a couple planning their wedding

We met with James and Sumi for some swan valley portraits as they were in the process of preparing for their upcoming Swan Valley Wedding. This lovely couple joined us for an afternoon at Bells Rapids in the Swan Valley.

The spring weather is finally here, get your camera out

With the spring weather finally hitting, we found that we were not the only ones there this particular day. The beautiful native bushland was swamped with people, hiking through the bush and some even paddling down the river and through the rapids.

With the spring weather finally hitting, we found that we were not the only ones there this particular day. The beautiful native bushland was swamped with people, hiking through the bush and some even paddling down the river and through the rapids.

Bells rapids is a wonderful spot for portraits in the Swan Valley

Taking photographs at Bells rapids is one of my favourite things to do. Whether it be a Pre-wedding portrait like this or perhaps some personal landscapes, I love it just the same.


Being natural with couple at a pre-wedding photo shoot

When I am blessed with a lovely couple to join me there and enjoy the views together , I tend to become really motivated to make creative images. I love how couples can be really natural with each other and they always seem really happy when we are surrounded by natural settings.

Pre wedding couple getting some Swan Valley portraits

James and Sumi enjoying a spring day in the swan valley

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Armitage portrait family album

A Portrait in the Hills and a gorgeous  family album

This is the story a family album, who joined me for a portrait in the Perth Hills. While in Melbourne photographing a Wedding recently, I took a little road trip through the countryside to a beautiful little place called Mount Gambier. Here I stayed with my good long standing friends in Brendon and Vanessa. Brendon or Ese as he is affectionally known as own a Telstra shop in town. He, Vanessa and their beautiful and athletic kids relocated there only a couple of years ago.

In the last visit as a family back to Perth, they booked me to do a family portrait for them. Time quickly slipped away from us as both during the busy month of January. However several days before making their return to their new home state of South Australia, we met for an early morning portrait session.

Ese and Vanessa, both originally from the Swan Hills region like the sound of having portraits in Mundaring close to where they are building their dream home. A few days earlier I scoped out the Mundaring weir to see if it would suit our requirements. Early on a Saturday morning we met at the gorgeous little setting under the big trees. The light was already coming through strong and bright which is typical for a Perth Summer morning. Our plan was to get the best of the light before the heat set in.

Their delightful kids came with plenty of laughs and smiles. That was until the ants turned up to. Picture this; the light is perfect, the big tree provides a magical backdrop, I’m about to click away a few snaps…. and ouch…there is ants crawling on the kids. Only little harmless ones mind you. Lucky they make the kids tough these days and shortly afterwards we had plenty of lovely pictures to complete a family album. Even if one particular older brother was not so super keen on giving his younger sister a nice hug.

So the pictures were ordered and some nice sized portraits for their beautiful home in Mount Gambier. So what do you do with all the other pictures that you love? I designed this cute little family album for them. It not only has their favourite images that they put only their walls, but it has also all the cool moments in between. This is the story of the Armitage family. I hope you enjoy.

The album is a Jorgensen matted art album and the pictures are reproduced and printed on archival photographic paper. The images were photographed using natural light with a Canon 5Dmk3 and an assortment of pro series lenses.

Family album for the Armitage family

The armitage family album

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Wedding portraits for a camera shy couple

I heard from the grapevine that Tom is a little camera shy, while the bubbly personality of Renee loves to shine. Well after spending the day with them on their Wedding I discovered that only 50% of this was correct. You can look at the photos for yourself and tell me what part you think is correct.

It was only a few weeks ago that Tom & Renee met me early one morning for some customary pre wedding portraits. That particular morning we braved the cool fresh wind and hiked up to Stathams quarry to watch the sun rise. Well to keep the story short, the sun didn’t rise that morning, but we did get some amazing pre wedding portraits which you can find at this link. Tom and Renee are definitely in love, and after a little while they began to love my camera. Lets skip forward a little bit

So the day finally arrived and what a beauty it was. The Wedding was the day before April fools day but there was no joke about it at all. The only funny thing, if you want to call it that is the fact that poor old Tom had suffered a fracture in his knee and would have to hobble around on his Wedding day, eventually finding a walking cane in our adventure in the pine forrest.

Tom & Renee celebrated their Wedding with family and friends making the large journey from far and wide including Sydney and New Zealand, and the weather turned on a treat. Now its not everyday that a Bride and Groom chooses a Thursday for their Wedding. From a professional photographers point of view its actually pretty good, it free up a day from the usually busy weekend and the only thing you really have to deal with is the weekday traffic. Now this was a small problem as we ventured to our Photographic locations while busy commuters picked up children from school and drove home from work, while a convoy of 4 vehicles containing bridal party made their way to our secret spots.

Tom and Renee were sealed in a private ceremony at the LDS Temple in Yokine. In this sacred ceremony they were sealed together as Husband and Wife for time and all eternity. The sacredness of this ceremony has a strong significants to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints, and photographs are only permitted outside of the holy temple.

The family enjoyed some snapshots with the Bride and Groom as they exited the Temple and then we made our way to a quiet spot in the Gnangara Pine forest for some Bridal party photographs before enjoying cracking a bottle of non-alcoholic bubbly at Kafarela’s Vineyard in the Swan valley. Finally things wrapped up with a lovely warm reception in the hall of the Warwick LDS chapel.

Now by the way if you want to know, it takes at least 6 goes at jumping to get the bridal party to jump in sequence.1 12 13 14 15

Pre Wedding portraits at the quarry

Your alarm goes off but its still so dark, in fact this morning its a bit chilly too. Being underneath the covers seems so much more inviting than getting out to turn off the alarm, let alone get out of bed and get ready. However you remember that this morning you have to meet someone. You question yourself on whether this was as good an idea as it was when you invited them to meet you.

After packing up the car I race up to the meeting place Statham’s quarry set in the hills of Perth. It was only a few days ago I was up there in the afternoon watching the sun set on a glorious day, which also happened to be the day that my brain came up with this crazy idea to come up here again. Today I’m not alone, my son and his mate are tagging along, they are going to do some cross country running before school. I’m also meeting a gorgeous couple who are planning for their upcoming Wedding. We are meeting to take some pre wedding portraits in preparation for their lovely Wedding day. Its always nice to do this as it helps an nerves settle before I get in their face with my camera at the Wedding.

Well this morning’s pre wedding shoot is a bit different, instead of going for the camera and clicking off some shots straight away, we have agreed to go extra early to watch the sun rise from atop of the quarry. The views up there are just simply stunning and fresh. We hike up the quarry and it would be approximately 2kms of moderate walking, which is lucky because the wind is very chilly and fresh today. As we rise to the top we wait for the sun to peak out from behind the clouds. And then we wait and wait and wait. The thick cloud set on the eastern horizon blocks any colour and lights of ray that we have been expecting.

Fortunately I have a couple Tom and Renee who are very much in love and very into each other, and although there is some initial camera shyness, they actually work well with the me their photographer so that we can create some very natural and magical photographs form the pre wedding experience. As I explain to them this is just to get accustomed to the camera, on the Wedding day it is a very different story. There is a very real, raw magic that you cannot recreate any other day and that is what makes Weddings for a photographer very special. And of course it makes a Wedding day for the couple even the more special. The countdown now begins until the Wedding of Tom and Renee.

_12A2168 _12A2193 Renee & TomA

Countdown to a South West Wedding

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This week is the countdown to a South West Wedding. Its always a nice week leading up to a trip down South, and its especially nice with all this marvellous weather forecast for the day. Scott and Candice are a lovely couple, in fact they are pretty cute together. Their story is interesting. They went to the same school, chose the same elective subjects and were both interested in the same field for a career. In fact their journeys together have been more parallel than what meets the eye. From high school to Tafe to work experience to church and finally to marriage. Its all pretty exciting this week, but try tell these guys that. They are happily cruising along taking everything in their stride and without any fuss whatsoever. But what you can tell is that there is a real magic between them, a genuine love and yes I think a couple of nerves floating around too. Come this Saturday though we will really get to see the magic between them as we witness them tie the knot at the beautiful Yallingup Brook just out of Dunsborough. After their intimate ceremony where they have asked for people to unplug and just enjoy, the bridal party and co will head to Castle rock for some bridal party portraits and some stunning images of the Bride and Groom. As part of the lead up to the Wedding day, we try to make some time to produce some pre wedding portraits. This session is a great way for couples to eliminate any camera shyness or nervousness before the real deal of the wedding day. It just so happened that on the day this lovely couple decided to get some pre wedding portraits done, that the Perth heat wave was in full scale and the temperature was well into the 40s. For a few brief moments in the sweltering sun and under the mango trees at Kafarela’s vineyard we were able to click off a couple of shots.

_12A6644 _12A6654 _12A6658 _12A6663 _12A6667 _12A6670 _12A6679 _12A6691 _12A6702 _12A6708 _12A6712 _12A6724 _12A6727 _12A6740 _12A6749 _12A6751 _12A6756 _12A6759

Three little Gems

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So as the School holidays come to an end and I reflect on the wonderful memories that we have created. I just don’t want it to end… I must love the school holidays more than the kids. That must mean I am still a kids at heart ( and in mind). But I really have loved doing lots of different things with these 3 little gems and these gems mother. I have snapped off many photographs from our adventures and have so many stories to tell, yet the time just slips away so fast and I barely get to post any of my family photographs. While doing a family portrait last week, and talking with this particular family about all the fun adventures they were having over their holiday break, I challenged myself to start by posting some of my family photographic treasures and then follow up with some stories. After all being a professional photographer does put in me in the best seat in the house to take beautiful portraits of my own children. Well here is three little gems of mine, just being themselves. Hopefully you can see the inner happiness and the joy they have spending time together as a family. Hope these holidays never end!!!!_12A0165 _12A1075 _12A9931

Anzac Day

Anzac day – from a Photographers viewpoint

Anzac day is one of those special occasions, you know the ones. The ones that bring a smile and a tear to your eye at the same time, where silence for a small moment feels like eternity and can help bring back countless memories and emotions in the blink of an eye.

The Dawn service scramble

For the past few years we have been getting up early in the morning to attend the dawn service at Blackboy hill. This site was once a training camp for the early Anzacs, and holds a special place in history. Our kids have ben eager although very tired to get up and go to the dawn service, and we see many of our family and friends there. There is also a fantastic group of volunteers that put on hot drinks, scones and Anzac cookies for the people braving the cold mornings.

Well this morning wasn’t that cold, but due to baby having a rough night, we had a bit of a sleep in. In fact Baby, Kembry and Mesha didn’t get up at all, While Cumoram and I scrambled for the door to get there before it finished. This year seemed to be even more packed than previous years, but it was great to see such wonderful support.

Marching with pride

After attending the Dawn Service, the family and I caught the train into the city to watch the Marching Parade. This was an event that we would attend regularly when we were younger, especially when my Grandpop was alive and would March with the other returned soldiers. We would march with him often, which was a great delight to us. Dad really got into it too and so Anzac day has always been a special day for us as a family.

One year I went to March and took my younger cousin Paddy out with me to be alongside our Grandpop. Well the West Australian newspaper thought that would be a great shot and so they snapped a picture of us to be published in the paper.

A portrait of my Grandparents

Another great memory is of a very early portrait I did of my Grandpop and my Grandma sitting together at Langley reserve  after the march and while we waited for the main service to begin. I loved that moment and still have the photo I took of them those many years ago. I had given them a framed picture of it as a gift and it was the one thing I asked to have back from them when they passed away. It holds a very special meaning to me.

This year we found a spot to watch the parade down by the Bell tower. We met with friends Tim and Jess Batten and took in with us Jessy Fallon. Jessy and Cumoram road their scooters around most of the time, but Kembry and Jairom had great joy sitting and watching the soldiers and marching bands in full motion. I snapped a few pictures of the day and processed them as Black & White images. I love black and white photography especially on days like Anzac day. Its a great way to show expression without the colour distraction.

As I saw these men and women march, I saw many things in their faces. Many carried scarring of what they had been through or what they had seen. They also had a look of dignity and pride. As I looked at their expressions I wondered what they thought now. I hope they have a place in their heart of peace and joy, knowing that what they did those many years ago has been of great benefit to us and our kids. Because it has. We live in a land of peace and plenty, where we have liberty to choose. Our freedom is our greatest blessing. Sometimes we moan and groan of our circumstances, but we are so blessed and have so much. And we OWE so much to those who have fought for our freedom and prosperity. To all those ANZACS and all those affected by the sacrifices of their family in the past, I would like to say THANK YOU….. LEST WE FORGET.

I hope these black and white photographs tell a story and find meaning in your heart

Just a quick preview of some pics from Anzac day 2012. A full blog of images  soon. LEST WE FORGET!!!

Bunbury Family Photography

Bunbury Family Photography – Incredible session prices

Bunbury family photography sessions are available for south west families. Do you live in the Bunbury region and are you looking at getting that next special family portrait on the wall?

Book your 2015 family portrait with one of Western Australia’s most prolific and evolving family portrait photography studios.

Dezire Studios is renowned for their high quality presentations and family photograph collections.Your family portraits are not just pictures; they are a story of life, love and laughter.

 South West home

For many years Dezire Studios was primarily based in Bunbury and serviced the South West region of Western Australia. Each year we offer a little something back to our old South West home.

Portrait photography sessions are normally an hour-and-a-half adventure. They are a very intimate and special experience. Your portrait will be candid and natural and will capture your lifestyle and personality.

Let Western Australia’s premier on location portrait specialist tell your story with a set of beautiful family photographs that you will treasure for your family heritage.

Big Promotion

As a special for Bunbury and surrounding areas, Dezire Studios will be running a special promotion in the beautiful month of April.

Family Portrait session fees will only be $50 (a huge saving from the standard $175 fee). Plus families will receive 30% of our wall print range. Your only commitment is the purchase of either a wall print or family lifestyle album

Book Now

The session fee includes an on location family portrait session and a same week viewing session to choose images for your wall.

Family portrait sessions will be held between the 15th – 17th April 2015. There are 5 sessions available only so book now to avoid disappointment.


bunbury family photography





photography session

Booking a portrait photography session with us is really simple, fun and rewarding. Have a look at the kind of images we produce, if that is what you like then it simply a matter of requesting a booking form. A Photographer from our studio will contact you about a session time and discuss a location. This is also a great time to discuss what portrait requirements you have for your home, whether it be an wall portrait, or an lifestyle album. For general portrait information please read on.

Here are some of the facts that make us one of Australia’s thriving and evolving studios.

family photography session

On location portrait in the wheatbelt region


1. All our sessions are outdoors, using natural light and occasionally a bit of flash to brighten things up.

2. Location and timing are so important, and we provide our expert guidance to ensure that the results you are after can be produced. We will also give you a guide on what to wear to your portrait session.

3. After the photography session, a image viewing session will take place This can be done in the comfort of your home where we can find the perfect sized print for your wall. Your images are normally ready within 2 weeks time to preview, but we also like to give you a sneak preview on facebook before the full viewing. Our viewing session is totally interactive and non pushy. That means you can explore all the options to displaying your treasured images in total comfort.

4. Our main objective is to produce a stunning collection for you and present it in the most amazing way. Our quality products are reasonably priced and we also offer flexi-payment options to suit your budget. Because quality means a lot to us, we won’t be giving away cheap tacky CD’s of images. If that is what you are after, then we are probably not the right choice for you this time.

5. We do travel and more than you might think. Many of our bookings come outside of the Swan Valley region we are based. Why? because we offer a unique style of portrait photography, with flexibility and a range of stunning presentations. During the summer months the beach portrait session is very popular and later in the year when its a bit cooler, the rural and bush settings are more preferred . Each year we travel to our country regional zones which include Kalgoorlie, Bunbury, Mandurah to list a few to offer our country friends the same opportunity as our city folk. We could be just around the corner from you soon, and if you would like us to come to your town, let us know as we are happy to explore.

6. Once you have placed your order, we place your images online for your family to share too. Although we only have it here for a short time, our archival system allows us to recall your images further down the track.

7. We offer several unique products and services that you will only find here.  Our unique products include personalized “Life Book” which is a documentary style photo book of your families life. These are custom designed to your tastes. This differs from the customized coffee table book or portrait album we do. Please CONTACT US  for a proper consultation. We also produce HD video presentations in a documentary style. Please see our NEW LIFE session below.


family photo shoot locations

Family photo shoot locations

A Safe Location:

If you are planning a family photo shoot at an outdoors location, it pays to pick a good location that is safe and suitable. It is also very important that the location is friendly to the family in the portraits and that right lighting can be achieved for you photo shoot.

Backdrops that compliment:

Our family photo shoots are held in an outdoor environment. One that has a natural and pleasant background – a backdrop that compliments you as the subject but does not dominate the portrait. One that creates a happy and fun environment. A good location is important to the way your portrait is lit and how it looks overall.

Good light and no distractions:

Dezire Studios brings many years experience photographing in outdoor locations for family photo shoots. Our team will guide you to a suitable location for your family portrait. Beautiful locations are not always suitable for a family photo shoot or portrait session. Distractions such as crowds, bad light and working distance may impact the look and feel of you family photo shoot.

Follow these guideline when choosing a location for a family photo shoot.

  • Beachscape: A beach,lake or river location that usually offers a bank and water in the vicinity. Perfect for natural, playful portraits. Best time is late afternoons just before sunset or twilight sessions.
  • Bushscape: A location with natural rocks, logs, trees and scrubs. Great all-round location for playful, natural, and traditional portraits. Suitable for morning and afternoon sessions
  • Parkscape: Similar to Bushscape but generally has manicured grass, gardens and trees. As long as there is lots of shade, this can be good for early morning and late afternoon sessions. Preferably not with swings or playground equipment
  • Ruralscape: On a property that has old barns, sheds, horse stables,tractors, vineyards or long fields. For farming families its ideal to have it on your own property. The best times for these sessions are early morning, late afternoon or twilight.
  • Urbanscape: This location usually has  architecturally strong buildings or structures, Can be modern or vintage and could include stairways, arches, graffiti walls or alleyways. For more creative, expressive and abstract portraits. Great for late afternoon and twilight sessions.


Click here to see some examples of these location types





presentation collections

Products and Presentation collections from your family portrait session

There are many options and presentation collections available from our product range. When booking a family portrait with Dezire Studios, please take into consideration how you wish to have your finished images presented.

Not just a disc

Our specialty is producing beautiful wall portraiture and “one of a kind” fine art collections. We suggest you measure up wall spaces for where you would like your images mounted and consider gifts for family members before coming to our viewing session, as this is the time for you to place your order and decide on the Presentation & collections. Our presentation collections includes the following:




We offer a range of specially crafted images on archival papers. Our wall display prints begin from 14×11 inches up to 60×40 inches. Images can be printed on Matte, Glossy or Metallic papers. Also available in custom collages with full framing options available. Our wall prints are a more traditional method of presentation, colour accuracy is of the finest standard and will maintain fade free for 75+ years.

Wall Canvases 

Our canvases provide that artistic and yet still classical look. Our canvases are printed on Gallery quality canvas with the archival Giclee inks and coated with a protective UV coating to protect them while they hang.

Acrylics & Aluminum’s

For that WOW factor have us print your favourite images directly onto Aluminum. These images are printed right to the edge and come ready to hang. For that modern contemporary look, nothing can beat the aurora of a metallic print mounted in between high glossy acrylic.

Coffee table books

These are perfect for the coffee table or even as a gift for that special someone. Printed on press quality paper and with a variety of album covers, our coffee table collection includes custom design and personalization when you have more than a few favourite images.

Handcrafted albums

Our Handcrafted albums are perfect for displaying your cherished images.The quality of the albums and prints will be unsurpassed.Your album can be personalized with our huge range of other cover materials, e.g. leather, metal, wood, acrylic etc.Your favourite images are printed on archival photographic paper and mounted in an classy presentation album. Our stunning and elegant a designs will capture your imagination.All albums can include personalized design layouts, panoramic pages and full page spreads. Our professional and sleek designs will capture your imagination.

Our specialty is producing beautiful wall portraiture and “one of a kind” fine art presentation collections




Portrait style guide

Family portrait style guide – What to wear?

Many people booking a portrait session ask the very same question – What do we wear? These handy hints for a better portrait session should give you some ideas on how to get your portrait style guide right for your family portrait.

Rule Number 1 – The unbroken rule

The number 1 rule when preparing for a portrait is to ensure everyone is comfortable in what they are wearing, or they will not enjoy the session. Here are some handy hints on what to wear are below. (This portrait style guide has been prepared by a professional photographer who has photographed over 1000 portraits in a 15+year career behind the camera.)

Hint number 1. When choosing appropriate clothing for your portraits consider that clothing should compliment and not dominate the portrait. To prevent overpowering the people in the portrait bold patterns, stripes and distinctive logos should be avoided. Solid colours, subtle prints and classic casual clothing are always complimentary.

Hint number 2. For a visual balance for a family portrait it is better to have everyone dressed in the same tones or colour themes. For example having everyone dressed in light or all in dark or all neutral tones.This does not necessarily mean that everyone must have matching outfits, rather dressed in clothing that has similar tonal range. Following this as a guideline will provide more pleasing and visually balanced portrait, where no individual family member will stand out.

Hint number 3. The next steps are deciding on a colour theme either lights, darks or neutrals and whether everyone will dress formally, semi-formal or casually. Remembering again that everyone needs to feel comfortable.

Once you have booked a portrait session,  we will send you out a comprehensive guide (or you can download it here) on  what to wear including appropriate colour themes, styles, makeup, glasses and props.

portrait style guide

Dressed to impress at the beach



Family Investments

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Family Investments in portraits

We consider your family portrait to be one of the most precious life long family investments. Professional portraits are more than just a photo. An image created by Dezire Studios will tell the story of a moment in your families life and preserve and share that memory for many years to come. Our portraits are not just photographs, they are personal, intimate captures of who you are and what your family means to each other.

Professional Guarantee

One of the benefits of coming to a professional studio is that we guarantee our finished work. Your final presentation will be superbly finished and only reproduced using quality professional photographic paper and archival quality canvases on our professional printers. These specially coated images will have an archival life of 75+ years. Our wall print range begins from an affordable cost of $425 up to $835. We offer a full service of framing, canvas mounting as well as modern finishing on aluminum and acrylic. our range of products includes custom handcrafted albums from $995. Complimenting your wall art we offer studio prints from $55.

Print or Digital

Many photographers around are offering Digital Files on CD. Although this may seem like a good deal, most people do not get around to printing them and when they do they are often not as happy with the results as they have supplemented expert retouching and professional printing methods with cheap papers and inks often used by mini-labs.

When it comes to your investment we do not take shortcuts by giving away substandard images on CD. After all it is our reputation as well. For those wishing to share their images online, we do share the retouched images from your order on facebook and onto our blog,  so your family can also share the enjoyment of your experience. We do also offer the option of purchasing a number of retouched images on CD, but we price them accordingly as they come profiled and with instruction to print at a specialized photo lab.

“One of a kind” fine art family portraiture

Our specialty is producing beautiful wall portraiture and “one of a kind” fine art collections that will become the longest lasting furniture in your home. As a guide to what kind of investment you might make, $500 will give you a neat intimate series of prints to take home, while a complete collection of framed wall prints will be around $3000. We understand everyone is different and therefore there is no minimum purchase value required other than the minimum commitment to a wall print or designer album. For those who value superb quality without the financial burden, we offer flexible payment plan options.


Perth & regional family portrait locations

A Guide for the best Portrait locations

Mothers day love is devotion

Mothers day love is devotion

What is a Good family portrait location

One of the most common questions our professional family photography studio gets asked is  “What are some good family portrait locations?”

As a family portrait photographer, offering family portrait sessions not only in Perth but in country regions of Western Australia, I spend many hours trying to find out what people would like their printed portraits to look like on their walls.

Natural Light

Apart from a discussion family portrait locations, our family portrait clients usually ask about clothing to wear during family photos, and how we can achieve the best natural light to give the best results for their family photographs.

Of course, lighting and timing for your family portrait session are ultimately important. In Western Australia, we have beautiful quality natural light. Choosing the right family portrait locations to become one of the key choices for successful family portraits.

Family portrait locations that are comfortable

The right family portrait locations will engage any couple, family or children being photographed during the portrait session. Good family portrait locations will help them feel natural and comfortable in the environment.

Here is a quick visual guide to finding the right family portrait locations for your next photographic session.

Another guide would be to make a Pinboard on Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/  and look for family portrait location ideas and share it with your professional photographer.

Brook Desmond the lead Family photographer at Perth based Dezire Studios, has been shooting professional outdoor location family portraits for over 15 years. The following visual portrait gallery has been mastered during that time as is a wonderful resource for families looking for professional outdoor family photographs.

Location styles Location styles2 Location styles3 Location styles4 Location styles5 Location styles6 Location styles7 Location styles8 Location styles9 Location styles10 Location styles11 Location styles12 Location styles13 Location styles14 Location styles15 Location styles16 Location styles17 Location styles18 Location styles19 Location styles20 Location styles21 Location styles22 Location styles23 Location styles24 family portrait locations Location styles26