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A romantic session In the woods

A romantic session in the woods.

I wanted to plan a romantic session for a couple who have their wedding coming up very soon. How about a little pre-wedding portrait session in the woods of Mundaring? Yes, that’s right! It’s not all bush, there are some woods in Mundaring too. The perfect place for this romantic session to be held.

We found a nice little pine plantation tucked away in the Perth Hills. The plantation became the exact type of location for Neil and Courtneys pre-wedding photographs.



Our first meeting

Neil and I first met quite a few years ago. He and his brother and sister along with the family dog had photographs with our studio. Together they had some portraits taken along the swan river for as a surprise birthday gift for their mother. The 3 sibling got on so well, and their dog provided some extra fun and laughter. Needless to say, their Mum made compliments that the gift was very thoughtful and beautiful.

The engagement party

Fast forward a few years. Neil makes contact with me again with the news that he is engaged to the fabulous Courtney. He invites me to photograph their engagement party held at the Guildford Rose and Crown.

While at the party I noticed a few familiar faces. I meet Neil’s brother and sister once again. Other faces at the party also look very familiar to me. Courtney’s Father and Brother seem very recognisable too.

A few conversations later, a connection is made. Both of them work at our local swimming hole, Bilgoman swimming pool. Earlier in the week, in fact, my children had swimming lessons at the pool. After the swimming lesson, while the kids played, these were the two gentlemen who looked after them very well.

The engagement party of Neil and Courtney was a huge success. Quickly they continued to plan their upcoming Wedding day. My next job is photographing their pre-wedding portraits or love bird session. Time certainly flew.  A summer kayaking accident I had made a minor delay to their booking. Their pre-wedding portrait photo shoot was pushed back to late summer.

The perfect light

The light this afternoon for the romantic session was sensational. The little cosy spot tucked away in the woods was perfect for a romantic session.

Finding the right light is the key to making good portraits. Perth weather offers very little cloud filter from the sun’s powerful rays. Choosing a time when the light is less harsh will give the best results. Light for portrait sessions that is less harsh can be formed and shaped for the desired effect.

The colour scheme chosen by Neil and Courtney worked well with the mood of the pine forest. With the light delightful, our session continued until the sun had finally gone down on this magical day.

The Pre-Wedding portrait process

Pre-wedding portraits are such an important part of the wedding booking process. Bridal couples begin understanding what the Wedding day will feel like. This comes without the pressures of crowds and time constraints.

Each couple has an opportunity to spend some quality time together. For many couples, this is the first time they are photographed together professionally.

Our photographic journey together begins too. Our next booking together will be their wedding, followed by the first baby photographs and sooner or later a full family portrait is on the cards

Wedding day Looming

Keep an eye out for this coming Octobers wedding. Neil and Courtney have a beautiful wedding day planned in the Perth Hills.

kiss from a romantic session

Neil romantically kisses Courtneys hand

A romantic session on a perth hills trail

romantic stroll on the perth hills trail

Keep an eye on this wonderful couple and their soon to be Wedding.

James & Sumi’s swan valley portraits

Swan Valley portraits for a couple planning their wedding

We met with James and Sumi for some swan valley portraits as they were in the process of preparing for their upcoming Swan Valley Wedding. This lovely couple joined us for an afternoon at Bells Rapids in the Swan Valley.

The spring weather is finally here, get your camera out

With the spring weather finally hitting, we found that we were not the only ones there this particular day. The beautiful native bushland was swamped with people, hiking through the bush and some even paddling down the river and through the rapids.

With the spring weather finally hitting, we found that we were not the only ones there this particular day. The beautiful native bushland was swamped with people, hiking through the bush and some even paddling down the river and through the rapids.

Bells rapids is a wonderful spot for portraits in the Swan Valley

Taking photographs at Bells rapids is one of my favourite things to do. Whether it be a Pre-wedding portrait like this or perhaps some personal landscapes, I love it just the same.


Being natural with couple at a pre-wedding photo shoot

When I am blessed with a lovely couple to join me there and enjoy the views together , I tend to become really motivated to make creative images. I love how couples can be really natural with each other and they always seem really happy when we are surrounded by natural settings.

Pre wedding couple getting some Swan Valley portraits

James and Sumi enjoying a spring day in the swan valley

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Wedding portraits for a camera shy couple

I heard from the grapevine that Tom is a little camera shy, while the bubbly personality of Renee loves to shine. Well after spending the day with them on their Wedding I discovered that only 50% of this was correct. You can look at the photos for yourself and tell me what part you think is correct.

It was only a few weeks ago that Tom & Renee met me early one morning for some customary pre wedding portraits. That particular morning we braved the cool fresh wind and hiked up to Stathams quarry to watch the sun rise. Well to keep the story short, the sun didn’t rise that morning, but we did get some amazing pre wedding portraits which you can find at this link. Tom and Renee are definitely in love, and after a little while they began to love my camera. Lets skip forward a little bit

So the day finally arrived and what a beauty it was. The Wedding was the day before April fools day but there was no joke about it at all. The only funny thing, if you want to call it that is the fact that poor old Tom had suffered a fracture in his knee and would have to hobble around on his Wedding day, eventually finding a walking cane in our adventure in the pine forrest.

Tom & Renee celebrated their Wedding with family and friends making the large journey from far and wide including Sydney and New Zealand, and the weather turned on a treat. Now its not everyday that a Bride and Groom chooses a Thursday for their Wedding. From a professional photographers point of view its actually pretty good, it free up a day from the usually busy weekend and the only thing you really have to deal with is the weekday traffic. Now this was a small problem as we ventured to our Photographic locations while busy commuters picked up children from school and drove home from work, while a convoy of 4 vehicles containing bridal party made their way to our secret spots.

Tom and Renee were sealed in a private ceremony at the LDS Temple in Yokine. In this sacred ceremony they were sealed together as Husband and Wife for time and all eternity. The sacredness of this ceremony has a strong significants to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints, and photographs are only permitted outside of the holy temple.

The family enjoyed some snapshots with the Bride and Groom as they exited the Temple and then we made our way to a quiet spot in the Gnangara Pine forest for some Bridal party photographs before enjoying cracking a bottle of non-alcoholic bubbly at Kafarela’s Vineyard in the Swan valley. Finally things wrapped up with a lovely warm reception in the hall of the Warwick LDS chapel.

Now by the way if you want to know, it takes at least 6 goes at jumping to get the bridal party to jump in sequence.1 12 13 14 15

Pre Wedding portraits at the quarry

Your alarm goes off but its still so dark, in fact this morning its a bit chilly too. Being underneath the covers seems so much more inviting than getting out to turn off the alarm, let alone get out of bed and get ready. However you remember that this morning you have to meet someone. You question yourself on whether this was as good an idea as it was when you invited them to meet you.

After packing up the car I race up to the meeting place Statham’s quarry set in the hills of Perth. It was only a few days ago I was up there in the afternoon watching the sun set on a glorious day, which also happened to be the day that my brain came up with this crazy idea to come up here again. Today I’m not alone, my son and his mate are tagging along, they are going to do some cross country running before school. I’m also meeting a gorgeous couple who are planning for their upcoming Wedding. We are meeting to take some pre wedding portraits in preparation for their lovely Wedding day. Its always nice to do this as it helps an nerves settle before I get in their face with my camera at the Wedding.

Well this morning’s pre wedding shoot is a bit different, instead of going for the camera and clicking off some shots straight away, we have agreed to go extra early to watch the sun rise from atop of the quarry. The views up there are just simply stunning and fresh. We hike up the quarry and it would be approximately 2kms of moderate walking, which is lucky because the wind is very chilly and fresh today. As we rise to the top we wait for the sun to peak out from behind the clouds. And then we wait and wait and wait. The thick cloud set on the eastern horizon blocks any colour and lights of ray that we have been expecting.

Fortunately I have a couple Tom and Renee who are very much in love and very into each other, and although there is some initial camera shyness, they actually work well with the me their photographer so that we can create some very natural and magical photographs form the pre wedding experience. As I explain to them this is just to get accustomed to the camera, on the Wedding day it is a very different story. There is a very real, raw magic that you cannot recreate any other day and that is what makes Weddings for a photographer very special. And of course it makes a Wedding day for the couple even the more special. The countdown now begins until the Wedding of Tom and Renee.

_12A2168 _12A2193 Renee & TomA

Countdown to a South West Wedding

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This week is the countdown to a South West Wedding. Its always a nice week leading up to a trip down South, and its especially nice with all this marvellous weather forecast for the day. Scott and Candice are a lovely couple, in fact they are pretty cute together. Their story is interesting. They went to the same school, chose the same elective subjects and were both interested in the same field for a career. In fact their journeys together have been more parallel than what meets the eye. From high school to Tafe to work experience to church and finally to marriage. Its all pretty exciting this week, but try tell these guys that. They are happily cruising along taking everything in their stride and without any fuss whatsoever. But what you can tell is that there is a real magic between them, a genuine love and yes I think a couple of nerves floating around too. Come this Saturday though we will really get to see the magic between them as we witness them tie the knot at the beautiful Yallingup Brook just out of Dunsborough. After their intimate ceremony where they have asked for people to unplug and just enjoy, the bridal party and co will head to Castle rock for some bridal party portraits and some stunning images of the Bride and Groom. As part of the lead up to the Wedding day, we try to make some time to produce some pre wedding portraits. This session is a great way for couples to eliminate any camera shyness or nervousness before the real deal of the wedding day. It just so happened that on the day this lovely couple decided to get some pre wedding portraits done, that the Perth heat wave was in full scale and the temperature was well into the 40s. For a few brief moments in the sweltering sun and under the mango trees at Kafarela’s vineyard we were able to click off a couple of shots.

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Swan valley Wedding

The Swan valley Wedding of Jarom & Remy

Jarom & Remy are finally getting married (so all their family and friends say) and we are the lucky professional photographers . This lovely couples wedding day has crept up so quickly, and now it is only a day away.

Weddings in the month of march are spectacular. The heat is normally just about over and the light is stunning. Its definitely a popular month for brides and grooms to get married.

The Bride and Groom are having a beautiful Swan valley Wedding ceremony and reception at Sandalford Winery (we love shooting swan valley weddings). The boys will get all dressed up in Butler while the girls will doll up in Sorrento. Can’t wait to share some of their beautiful swan valley wedding.

For now here is a fresh look at the images we photographed in the pine forrest for their pre wedding ‘Love Bird shoot’.

Now the big question for tomorrows big wedding day. Will it rain during their outdoor ceremony?

Swan valley Wedding

Jarom & Remy’s Love Bird shoot

Jarom & Remyb7 Jarom & Remyb5 Jarom & Remyb4 Jarom & Remyb3 Jarom & Remyb2 Jarom & Remyb Jarom & Remya8 Jarom & Remya7 Jarom & Remya6 Jarom & Remya5 Jarom & Remya4 Jarom & Remya3 Jarom & Remya2 Jarom & Remya Jarom & Remy.jpg

Love Bird shoot

Love Bird shoot

Known as our “Love Bird” shoot, our complimentary  pre wedding portrait is a great way to become comfortable with your photographer and as a couple in front of the camera before having us professionally photograph your Wedding day. The beautiful images created in this session are perfect for engagement displays, wedding invitations and wedding guest books. Please speak to us about your Wedding and engagement requirements. You can find some great ideas for this shoot on Pinterest and have a look at some of our favourites for inspiration before your session.

Follow Brook’s board Pre Wedding portraits on Pinterest.

Love bird session

Lovebird session