camera and lighting get an understanding:

In this exciting time when photographers are in great demand, and the technology is expanding so that most people own a very decent camera. A lot of focus has gone off the skill and technique and more onto the awesome gadgets we have on the market. Stop being a gear junkie and collecting the latest equipment because you think it will help you become a better photographer. I own the same putter as Tiger woods, but I am certainly not playing off for a spot on the US PGA Masters. Much like a chef is a master of his trade because he is highly skilled and not because he has an awesome oven. The basics of Photography all come down to how you can control your camera and lighting. Why be a master of gadgets when you can be a truly skilled artist and create wonderful images time and time again, with having to worry about having the most fanciest equipment.

As a professional photographer I had very humble beginnings, loading my bag with an old SLR and 8 rolls of film to photograph a wedding. I relied on a good understanding of my camera and lighting. Of course these days I roll with some serious digital equipment form Canon, but the basics still remain the same. Understand my camera and lighting and unleash the unlimited possibilities that the photography and visual world can offer.

In our exciting and innovative workshop, we will take a hands on approach to understanding your camera and lighting. Learn how to use your equipment in any situation. Learn how to gain the best results and produce amazing images with the greatest of ease. Impress you family and friends by creating wonderful portraits and stunning landscapes. Our workshops are intense and thorough, and of course not overcrowded, so you can maximize your learning experience. And if you really want to gain some serious photographic knowledge and a stunning portfolio, then stay tuned for the exciting travel workshop that I will host with master landscape photographer Paul Dowe.

camera and lighting

camera and lighting together are a photographers dream

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