Professional Photographer: So you want to become one!

Our workshop on becoming a professional photographer, isn’t just an online course that you log onto. There are many online courses available but why subscribe to one of these when there are plenty of free professional photographer blogs out there offer free learning resources. Our Professional Photographer workshop is a real life honest evaluation of your business with all the tips and tricks you need to survive the thriving but competitive Photography market.

Be instructed and mentored by a Photographer that has traveled the same path and is willing to share with you the steps and secrets to make it happen.Learn from him the essentials to creating a successful business that will provide a wonderful income with a fantastic lifestyle and see what made it all happen. If your business needs a shake up in the way it thinks or maybe just some motivation to get itself off the ground then this engaging and hands-on workshop is for you.

This workshop is a one on one personal consultation.To begin with you will receive a full evaluation of your studio, this will include a thorough examination of your advertising and marketing campaigns, price lists, recent sales, quality of work and production output.

The content and recommendations of the workshop will be relevant to the strategies and processes already employed by your business and will feature innovative and creative ideas to implement successful system for your studio to prosper and grow. The best investment for your business to succeed. All secrets are shared.

To help us with a clear introduction to who you are as a Photographer and what your vision is for your Photographic business please fill in the questions below.

Professional Photographer - start from somewhere

Professional Photographer – start from somewhere

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